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Best Podcast Episode of 2022 ;-)

Trigger Warning: Domestic Abuse, Violence and Trauma Coffee Fueled Stories with Michelle Schmer

Healing is Powerful. Healing is Magical. We are healing from the trauma and being terrorized in our own home.The people below us caused us so much fear and terror. Domestic Violence doest only impact the couple involved, it impacts those around them. We had to flee for our safety.Domestic Abuse is something I have only been involved with from a charity point of view. I donated to women's shelters, but now I understand from a very small frame the situations firsthand.  Thank you for listening and supporting the show.Support the showPatreon page:
  1. Trigger Warning: Domestic Abuse, Violence and Trauma
  2. Radio UNK: Then and Now
  3. Radio UNK * Mini-Monday Episode 1
  4. Third Time is a Charm for Jessika Grewe Glover
  5. Renee De Camillis: Horror Author and Musician

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Here’s a little teaser of the video chat I had with Clare. Check out the podcast to learn more about this badass!!

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