CoffeeFitnessUnicorn Gets Spooky

Dark Stories and Other Oddities

This is where my day job meets my love of the macabre, the weird, and the odd.​​

As a Technical Writer, brevity is key, but I fear that if I told my coworkers I wrote flash horror for fun, they might look differently, so I share my spooky, weird, and odd stories here.

Before CoffeeFitnessUnicorn.com I had two other websites: Coffee-Musings.com and Spooky-Musings.com.

When I first started blogging I was terrified to share my words and then was terrified I would terrify my coffee fans if they read my horror stuff, so I opted for two separate pages and two separate groups to engage with.

Now I am updating all my works onto one website because maintaining 3 pages is terrifyingly crazy.

Welcome to the CoffeeSpookyUnicorn 😉

About–Horror Version

Flash and other stuff

My stories come from various forms of inspiration.
Some come from pain, sadness and suffering.
Sometimes my own, sometimes Weltschmerz, sometimes Schadenfreude.  
I never know where or when inspiration will hit me, I just hope that I can capture whatever floats through my head and share it with you

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