Lost in the Weeds vs. 30,000ft View

I just learned that the podcast has a Listen Score of 25 and a Global Rank of Top 10% 😱🤯🔥

I have no idea how this happened but I’ll take it!! This just made my day!!

Somedays I get super focused on new subscribers or number of downloads so this ranking makes me feel like I am truly doing something right.

Thank you for listening and keep spreading the podcast love of my show 😇😍🎙️⚡️☕️🦄🤩 My heart is full of joy♥️💚💜

Listen Notes statistic as of today state: “There are at least 3,147,343 podcasts* and 171,229,104 episodes in the world.”

The largest genre is Society and Culture, which is what my podcast is listed under and the number 1 language is English and the number 1 country is the U.S. so I feel pretty freaking good about these numbers.

I am beyond grateful and will remind myself when I go crazy and focus on the wrong things. I will revisit this page and say, “hey! stop being crazy and look at what you’ve done so far.”

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