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My first Patreon video is up.

While I was on IG Live when a very good question came up about tight hips. These 4 videos are the stretches I do to help my hip flexors.

I injured myself twice by not stretching properly on Leg Day, it won’t happen a third time because I now spend at least 10 minutes doing the 4 stretches in the videos.

More content is coming and I can’t wait to share it with you!!

You can also support the podcast through Patreon or my Buzzsprout website:

Thank you to Angela for being my very first guest and fitness journey buddy waaaay back when.

We’ve been through a lot and she even helped me dream about my podcast/book when I was first building myself back up. She was there when I became Coffeefitnessunicorn and she is one of my biggest supports!!

Thank you Angela for helping me live my dreams!!🤩🤘🦄



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