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Welcome to my Virtual Coffee Spot (C)

Positive Change Award Winner in Society and Culture as CoffeeFitnessUnicorn!!

Welcome to my Virtual Coffee Spot(c). I’m your pocket DJ and this podcast is where storytelling and coffee hang out.

As a super-survivor I have turned my trauma and grief into a powerful, creative force for good. And I learned, it’s never too late to start a podcast—at 51.

This show is where I can share my stories and connect with you. Each episode is both informative and entertaining.

Thank you for listening and sharing this journey with me. 

Go Forth And Be Magical.


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New episodes every Friday of the Coffee Fueled Stories show and new episodes every Monday for the Radio UNK show. Formerly know as Mini-Mondays. Radio UNK will be something different from Mini-Mondays. I will still do a short form show but I will share fun clips, new music and do other fun things.


Let me know how you like it ☕️🎙🦄🤩🤘

Trigger Warning: Domestic Abuse, Violence and Trauma Coffee Fueled Stories with Michelle Schmer

Healing is Powerful. Healing is Magical. We are healing from the trauma and being terrorized in our own home.The people below us caused us so much fear and terror. Domestic Violence doest only impact the couple involved, it impacts those around them. We had to flee for our safety.Domestic Abuse is something I have only been involved with from a charity point of view. I donated to women's shelters, but now I understand from a very small frame the situations firsthand.  Thank you for listening and supporting the show.Support the showPatreon page: https://www.patreon.com/Coffeefitnessunicorn
  1. Trigger Warning: Domestic Abuse, Violence and Trauma
  2. Radio UNK: Then and Now
  3. Radio UNK * Mini-Monday Episode 1
  4. Third Time is a Charm for Jessika Grewe Glover
  5. Renee De Camillis: Horror Author and Musician
  6. Melissa Carbone: Author of Ready, Fire, Aim, she loves the sound of screams and she's "Unscare-able"
  7. DJ Coffee Fitness Unicorn Mini Monday Magical Tour
  8. Harry Carpenter, Author Inspired by Spite
  9. Jeff Hans is a One-Man Band: Astronaut Country Club
  10. Ronald Malfi, Pt 2, A Deep Dive into What Characters Eat and Why.
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