My Book is Here!

I did it!! I finally published my mini-memoir!! DREAM…EPICALLY is ready for its debut.

The book is available in full-color, print version until I get the kinks fixed for the ebook version (hopefully next month).

My book is a snapshot of time when I first started my writing journey, then my life got really sad and dark, and writing once again helped me get through my personal nightmare. The book takes you through my fear, silliness, grief and loss to healing, and fitness where I was lucky enough to find love again.

You can order signed copies using PayPal.


Full color collection of my writings from love to loss, grief to growth. (Includes shipping cost)


You can also get it on Amazon: full color print paperback version available now.

3d book display image of DREAM...EPICALLY

Looking for a Great Book to Read? Look No Further!

Debut Mini-Memoir available through PayPal.

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