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Deep Fried Coffee?!

What the Hell is Deep Fried Coffee?!

Fair Food: Fried concoctions of “what the hell will they think of next?!”

I would like to share with you a coffee adventure/omg-moment the night I tried Deep Fried Coffee in oil and bacon fat at the OC Fair.

Like many other fair-goers, I too was in disbelief of the very large Starbucks-esque sign and I could not believe what I was reading. So I politely went to the front of the line and asked if I could take a picture of this creation. The friendly young, woman indulged me as I gawked at her paper cup filled with three cinnamon and sugar covered dough-balls topped with whipped cream. She took a bite while us onlookers waited for the verdict. She liked it; her friends dug in to find out for themselves. They too enjoyed it!

Now it was my turn. Do I stand in line and find out for myself or turn around and say, “Hell no! There is no way I am eating that!” This opportunity was too outrageous to pass up that I decided to take my place at end of the line and patiently wait for my cup of deep fried coffee.

The time had come for me to face the hot battered frankenfood. I inhaled the warm cinnamony aroma. My eyes fixed on the three bite-sized chunks of breaded coffee. Was I really going to eat this? Will it make me sick? Will I be up all night. What did they do to my coffee?
All these questions in a matter of seconds flooded my brain as I marveled at the thought of eating deep fried coffee.

I took the stir-stick and stabbed the ball that taunted me, lifted the curiosity to my mouth, had some pictures taken as proof and for posterity that this was going to happen. I was no longer afraid; I was now intrigued and determined to find out for myself what the hub-bub was all about. Big bite or baby bite? How was I going to do this?

Okay, enough playing with my food. It was time to face the adventure. I took a big bite of the sweet and spicy covered, fried coffee. I masticated and deliberated, making sure I did not miss any flavors while processing the weird, foreign clump in my mouth. I thought about spitting it out, but decided a “tasting” would not really count as eating deep fried coffee.

The verdict: it did not really taste like coffee. It tasted like bacon fat-flavored dough covered in sugar and cinnamon. Overall I am happy to say that I tried it. I have a personal goal for myself when I go to the fair or food festival: try something I’ve never had before and keep an open mind. I am grateful for the experience and curious to know what they will think of next when it comes to coffee.

Until the next coffee adventure, cheers and thanks!

Originally posted on 05/31/2016

2 thoughts on “Deep Fried Coffee?!

  1. Gail

    So I am impressed! I have always said “You cannot say you don’t like something (or don’t prefer it) if you haven’t tried it!”
    My experience with escargot…🥴

  2. Gavin Gardiner

    You’re way more adventurous than me with your coffee! The only way I can take it is ‘dark as my soul’ (that’s what I tell the barista, which usually merits a strange look in my direction). Maybe I’ll need to take some inspiration from your blogs and try branching out a little. Thanks for sharing!

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