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Book Launch and Podcast

Hello! Hello! Hello!

Lots of good things to share and chat about. The podcast will be back up soon. I apologize for not saying how long I would be on pause while I worked on the book launch.

The launch was bumpier than planned and that is okay. Someone told me that if things went wrong, I did it right, LOL.

As for the podcast, just before the radio silence literally, I kind of lost my “why.” I was so focused on growing that I lost sight of why I actually do what I do.

To connect with people. I love coffee. I love books, and I love talking about books while drinking coffee. These things connect people. That is why I read, shared, learned, and worked so hard to make a great show. I wanted people to feel connected to the guest. Feel like they were sitting at the table, sharing the conversation. Learning something new and laughing with us.

I want people to feel informed and entertained. Part of the conversation.

Then I became hyper-focused on numbers. If people are liking the show and telling their friends, and sharing: why wasn’t I growing? Why was I only staying at the same number of downloads per episode, per month? How do I get new people to listen? How do I get people to share? How do I get people to share more, be more involved, spread the word more?

So many questions. Doing tons of research and tons of work with no growth. No increase.

So I focused on the book. Let that take up my time and energy. Focus on something that I waited 30 years for to come to fruition. That gave me joy. That made me happy. Doing something that had massive delayed-gratification. That felt good. I had accomplished something and something big.

While in that positive head space I was able to share the joy and confess: I lost my why. During an IG Live today I was comforted by listeners and supporters who validated what I have been doing and encouraged me to keep doing me, and stop listening to the experts. That is my usual unicorn way, but I thought maybe I was doing something wrong because I was not seeing any traction of all my hard work.

Thanks to the awesome Unikornos I chatted with today, my why came back. I feel good about getting behind the mic again and sharing my stories and guests.

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