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Happy Halloween

This year I would like to share all the indie Horror authors I have had on the show.

Halloween is my favorite day of the year and this is my treat to you!

Robert Ottone:

Dennis K. Crosby:

Braedon Riddick:

F. R. Diaz, a Morbid Writer:

Indrinker and Horror lover Em:

R. K. Higgins:

Paul Carro:

K. C. Loesner:

Marcus Hawke:

Kalvin Ellis:

J.E. Durham:

Halloween Episode: Paul and Joe Carro:

Samhain and more with Eileen Budd:

Ronald Malfi:

Harry Carpenter:

Horror Queen, Melissa Carbone:

Renee De Camillis:

Rebecca Rowland:

Richard T. Wilson: Halloween Girl creator:

Go Forth and Be Magically Spooky!! 🎃🖤👻🐈‍⬛😱🦇

TJ Butler: Changing the Trauma Narrative Coffee Fueled Stories with Michelle Schmer

Meet indie author, TJ Butler; she has written a, "short story collection for badass people who've seen some shit and lived to tell about it."In this episode we chat about what fictionalized memoir is, giving agency and voice to those who don't have it, gritty photography, living on a boat and sailor superstitions.Grab your copy of Dating Silky Maxwell  here: name means new intro Support the showPatreon page:
  1. TJ Butler: Changing the Trauma Narrative
  2. Cozy Mystery Author and Journalist: Tara Lush
  3. Richard T. Wilson author and creator of Halloween Girl!
  4. Writer Chat with Horror Author Rebecca Rowland
  5. Lina and the Lions Super Exclusive Acoustic version, heard here first!!

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