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Coffee Slurping!!

Do you do this?

Is there anyone who actually enjoys this sound?

I sometimes make this sound when I am so desperate to get the coffee into my system while it’s still scalding that I will make a slight slurping sound.

I try to be cognizant of the noise as I am doing it, but sometimes I just can’t help it.

I’d love to hear what you have to say about coffee slurping.

Let’s take a poll:

Some people can’t stand the word, “moist” which I think is silly because it is used in food references all the time. The general consensus is cake should be moist. Who wants to eat a dry cake?

So it seems that coffee slurping would be more disturbing than the word “moist” but I could be completely wrong.

I’ve traveled to very humid places and we would say the air was very thick and moist; I never thought about how it might upset someone to say this. I have made a conscious effort not to slurp my coffee.

If I do slurp it is due to my rash behavior and not being able to control myself with a fresh cup of coffee.

If you’re okay with the word moist and coffee slurping is cool with you, but some other thing drives you crazy, let me know in the comments below.

9 thoughts on “Coffee Slurping!!

  1. Gail

    In response to slurping and the word moist. I shall address moist first. Moist lips and moist cake, okay, I’m good with that description.
    But slurping is not a description. Slurping is a complete sensory experience. Many things are sipped. Brandy, champagne, wine are sipped and savored. Coffee when sipped is good but when slurped, ahhh, then it is savored. The total sensory experience is complete. I cannot sip my coffee because it has foam and the right amount of sweet AND the perfect measure of milk. The slurp of foam layered with liquid coffee perfection, in such a way as to make the flavor hit the different taste buds all at once, makes life just a little more perfect. I endorse slurping wholeheartedly. Mmmm…

    1. CoffeeFitnessUnicorn

      I loved reading your comment. Thank you for the input. I am glad the sound did not offend 😉

  2. K.S.

    Okay, I had to laugh because I’m one of those people who really hates the word moist. But I’m kind of weird because I think about how words sound, rather than what they actually mean, and to me “moist” sounds like something that’s clammy, full of mucus, and growing under the basement stairs. (Then again, the origin does come from the Latin for “moldy,” so maybe I’m only a little crazy rather than full-on bonkers?)

    I’m going have to go with Gail on slurping. I try not to do it but it is a sensory experience. (Sidenote: I saw a travel program where the wine maker encouraged drinkers to slurp in their samples because air in your mouth supposedly made the flavor bloom. Stands to reason that it also works for coffee.)

    1. CoffeeFitnessUnicorn

      Slurping is totally part of cupping. So that being the case yes, the air and the coffee bounce around the mouth to give the full complete flavor.

  3. Alison Baker

    I don’t care if you slurp or say moist around me. Noises don’t bother me; coffee slurping would be classified under “happy noises” in my house–signs that folks are living their best lives and not hurting anyone. Carry on. 🙂

    1. CoffeeFitnessUnicorn

      Yeah!! I agree with happy noises. Here’s to coffee slurping!! <3

  4. jackpiesquigglebottomthethird

    The odd slurp i find fine but the ones who do it everytime they eat or drink bothers me. I try to not let it bother me as I know it’s seen polite to slurp in some cultures. It shows you are enjoying it. The word moist doesn’t bother me either.

  5. Lora


    1. CoffeeFitnessUnicorn

      <3 right back!!

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