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I’ve known Michelle for fifteen years; I mean it when I say that you’re going get a fun podcast where the host has a genuine passion for her subjects and is going to deliver thoughtful episodes with an enthusiasm that is contagious. Coffee Fueled Stories and Radio UNK will introduce you to all manner of fantastic writers, musicians, entrepreneurs, and good causes, all with Michelle’s unique blend of humor and cheer. The internet can be a dark place but she’s created a little space where the light shines bright and the smiles are real. This isn’t to say she shies away from hard subjects: she also talks honestly about anxiety, stress, and grief. But in doing so, she helps provide listeners with the tools they may need to get through their own struggles. Wish you could sit with her, enjoy a nice cup of coffee, and chat about everything from horror to Halloween to punk music to Poe? This is the next best thing.

Kelly S.

Writer and Editor

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